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The Elsinore and JLTi demonstration held for The Audiophile Society of NSW (Australia)

30th July, 2006, See Review Below

Besides the Elsinores, from the top of the rack, the Townshend Rock II Turntable, fitted with Excalibur Tonearm and Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC Cartridge.

Below that, the JLTi/SACD Player. 

Then next down is the JLTi Mk2 Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier.

Bottom centre, the Vacuum State "Canberra" Limited Edition RTP Preamp (valued @ A$20,000).

Either side, the ALT-Cymer 110 Watt Triode Monoblock Power Amps, made by Custom Analogue Audio.

Behind (not visible) is the JLTi Phono Stage. (USD 1650 from www.audiorevelation.com)

Cables, all JLTi Interconnects and prototype JLTi SuperQuench Speaker Cable. All Cables and tubes (valves) have been cryogenically treated.




At our last meeting we had the privilege of hearing Joes completed prototype Elsinore speakers.  He appears to have done a great job with the driver configuration with 4 six and a half inch drivers per side for bass and midrange duties with the bottom two woofers being rolled off early.


As we all know the room at Haberfield is a very difficult one at the best of times.  We have had very expensive speakers demonstrated in that room with extended bass response with very poor integration that sounded boomy and indistinct.


Joes Elsinores are a very cost effective speakers and to my surprise sounded crisp and distinct in the bass in the Haberfield room, with good attack, tuneful and punchy bass.  I thought that for an economical system the bass dynamics on the drum solos were nothing short of superb for a speaker regardless of price.  Excellent midbass with quite good low end definition for a relatively small speaker.


The imaging was good, though from my position which was not central it was difficult to appreciate.  From what I could tell, the dynamics were good, with good stage width, and centre stage.  The treble was good, but typical of that Vifa ring radiator (a very good tweeter by the way) but polite sounding.  I know this tweeter quite well as it is also used  in speakers I use at home.  It has very good extension but the lower treble is polite. [Tweeter has now been replaced by Peerless HDS 810921.]


I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon listening to these speakers and along with others at the meeting thought they were some of the best speakers we had experienced in that room over recent years. 


Those interested in DIY should be encouraged to build these excellent speakers now that Joe has done all the hard design work you have now had the opportunity of hearing them.  I asked Joe if they sounded as good at home, and he said even better.


Well done Joe, and thank you.


John Sawley



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