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JLTI Oppo Upgrades


October 2013:

Hello Joe,

I have been listening to the JLTi Oppo Blu-Ray BDP 105 Level 3 since Saturday night. 

What a Universal player !!!!!  No single words can not describe about this player JLTi Oppo Level 3.

I am sitting there listening to CD after CD, Flac files after Flac files, tracks after tracks, mesmerising by the beautiful organic sound, every little tiny details never heard previously, the sound stage is just there naturally. I have Celine Dion, Diana Krall, David Sanborn singing or playing  live to me privately in my own audio room.

This is the sound achieved while still connected  to my old  Krell Integrated amplifier KAV 300i and my old pair of Floor standing M5 Tannoy. My sytem just sound completely different after switching to the Oppo Blu-Ray BDP 105 level 3.

Last night, my friend who owns the Meridian 808 CD player tells me in his own words that he has never heard anything like it, that is the sound coming the Oppo Blu-Ray BDP 105 level 3.   He feels that he has been ripped off after purchasing the Meridian CD player 808.

To all Audiophiles out there, you do not know what you are missing out on if you don't own this Oppo Blu-Ray BDP 105 Level 3 by Joe Rasmussen. 

Thank you , Joe.  I feel very lucky to have met you while we are all still alive. I am in Nirvana audio heaven.

Will keep you posted for more revelations.

Parissay O.
Morebank, NSW


Hi Joe,

I unfortunately went away on the weekend but I kept the Oppo [105] on repeat while I was away. I got home Sunday afternoon and I was ready for a serious listening session.

What I heard coming from that player I was not expecting. The first thing I noticed was the amount of detail and texture coming from the bass. As a bass player, this is what I listen to first in music.

Also I noticed the rhythm and timing was vastly improved compared to the Droplet.

I was sitting there stunned. It just sounded so organic, so natural. Just like my Kuzma turntable. And this is all from CD replay. CDs that sounded forward and thin, had body and presence. Sitting there last night playing CD after CD and getting goose bumps.

Thank you very much for such an outstanding upgrade.

I'm scared where level 3 will take it.

Anthony Camplone

Then a little further on:

Hi Joe,

You are more than welcome to use my words and name on your site. I have also talked up your upgrade on a forum for the 105.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Let's just say that since Friday 15 records have turned up and none have been played. The Kuzma Stabi Reference is on holiday!

Last night i was playing CDs trying to see if i could trip it up. No luck. Every disc just sounded incredible. I might even say that i think the level 2 105 sounds better than the Audio Aero Capitole i used to own.

Thanks so much for your time, communication and knowledge. You have created a wonderful player out of something so humble.

Anthony Camplone


Hi Joe,

I just want to let you know that I've only played 2 records all week. 2 records. That's it.

It's been CD constantly. What have you done to me?

This CD/SACD player is magic. I'm rediscovering my collection again. It sounds wonderful.

I can't thank you enough.

Anthony Camplone

Hi Joe,

My wife is at odds to understand why she found me at 3.30am sitting in the prime position with the stereo blaring totally asleep.

My intrigue was obviously greater than my stamina. Needless to say that track after track stood me in disbelief of what I was hearing. Disbelief that my system could actually sound that good and that my music could reveal that much more life and detailed information.

It's often dangerous to have to high an expectation. Especially when the supplier is singing its glory.

However, I can only say that the JLTi Oppo95V2 has surpassed all my expectations.

With high quality audio components you hope for a measured increase in quality and expect a high price tag. It's the opposite with the JTIV2, huge increase in quality at little cost.

The actual improvements in sound are across the board. Greater separation, air and focus all in a very musical analogue presentation.

I treasure listening to music as food for the soul.

I am in a new heaven.

Gordon Wilson, VIC

Hi Joe

Now – drum roll - for the review I’ve promised you... hell, where do I start?!

Joe, I don’t quite know how to thank you other than to say how lucky and privileged I feel to have found you. You, to my mind, are one of the true messiahs of Hi-Fi/Audio in that you, through your years of passion & work, appear to have unlocked the secret of bringing true high-end sound to the average person.

Since I set up... I have just listened & listened into the small hours, mesmerized and entranced by the magic that I’m hearing. To be honest, I was pretty happy with my little JLTi-ed Sony machine; and indeed, it was a quantum leap forward over my old Marantz... but wow, this JLTi upgraded Oppo unit is something else again!!!

As I’m writing, so many superlatives (and god I hate cliché “audio rave” terms!) are running through my brain, I scarcely know where to start... but I’ll try. For me, great sound comes down to “connection” – that hard-to-describe ability of a good rig to bring a performance into the listening space and create a sense of palpability and tangibility; that you can visualize and “touch” the musician/singer in front of you.

And at this level it’s a kind of given that there needs to be “air” around each instrument, and that these need to have a high degree of timbral “correctness” (and the Oppo delivers these in spades); but these alone, as integral as they are in the mix, won’t get you across the line in the emotional connection stakes – it’s here that the JLTi Oppo truly delivers. Whilst I’ve never heard a Meitner front-end, it is difficult for me to imagine how anything could actually outshine the JLTi Oppo, but in consideration of price alone, the JLTi would be, in my humble opinion, hard to top. And if you factor in $, then it’s not even a competition!!

In closing, I recall writing to you after receiving my little JLTi Sony, that I had effectively acquired a whole new music library (my existing CD collection) – well, guess what…..ditto!!! J

Warwick P., Perth, Western Australia


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